By-laws and Policy

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SBS By-laws

The By-laws of the SBS are the governing principles for the society and are updated to meet the demands of Schwartz business students. The by-laws include the constitution of the society, SBS values, the organizational structure, and the terms of reference for each position. UPDATED VERSION COMING SOON!

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Election Act

The SBS Election Act is the rules and regulations on which all Schwartz Business Society elections must follow and abide by. All candidates running in the SBS election must be responsible for reading and understanding the Elections Act. Any questions about the Election Act can be directed toward the President.

Student Union Societies Act

The Schwartz Business Society is a society operating under The U - StFX Students' Union and must abide by all By-laws set forth by The U. This is the most current version of the Student Union Societies Act which can be found in The U's by-laws.