Meet the Candidates


Presidential Candidates


Ainsley MacKellar

Hello Schwartz students, my name is Ainsley MacKellar and I am running for the Schwartz Business Society President for the 2018-2019 Academic Year. I am a 3rd year Honours Management and Leadership Student with a Minor in French. I have been involved on the Schwartz Business Society since my freshman year, as the First Year Representative, the Director of Academics in my Sophmore year and the current Vice President - Internal this year. My leadership extends beyond the SBS as I was an Xavierian Leadership Program Graduate, the Co-Chair of Marketing and Communications for the East Coast Student Leadership Conference 2016, and currently a Discipline Committee Member for StFX.

Why am I running for the SBS President?

  • I am extremely passionate about Schwartz and helping students grow and succeed. I hope to inspire other students to be just as passionate about Schwartz and the Business Program at StFX.

My platform:

  1. Provide Schwartz students with meaningful connections and opportunities to strengthen readiness to enter the workforce.
  2. Enhance the Schwartz School of Business brand to make the BBA program at St. Francis Xavier University a more recognizable and prestigious program.
  3. Support students through academic and social programming to make their Schwartz experience enjoyable and memorable.

What are my ideas for the 2017-2018 Academic Year?

  • My ideas for the next academic term focus on supporting the three core goals outlined above. Hosting employers more frequently at StFX and hosting more social events for students, alumni, professors and sponsors will help to fulfill the goal of providing students with meaningful connections for potential post-undergraduate opportunities. In order to increase the Schwartz brand and the prestige of the program, focus will be put on promoting external case competitions for students to participate in, as well as hosting our own internal competitions, to showcase talented individuals. Promoting the Schwartz brand internally, will also involve several socials/fundraisers to increase Schwartz participation and connections among peers, as well as online branding content to showcase exceptional Schwartz students. Finally, to support students academically, we will offer a variety of services to help students navigate tough curriculum, through tutoring lists and online tutorial/workshop platforms, for certain courses as well as employment preparation guidance. For a list of specific event ideas, please stay tuned to my event page and join us for the Election Town Hall, Thursday February 1st, 2018, 6pm in the 4th Floor Student Lounge. Voting takes place February 5-6, 2018 on the Schwartz Business Society website.


Thank you for your support during this election. I am passionate about our business program and the SBS and hope to provide an excellent 2018-2019 academic year for all students if I am elected. Feel free to reach out to me with questions and or suggestions, as I am always open to chat!


Claire Stirling

To be the Schwartz Business Society President, where exceptional leadership experience, an ability to take initiative and a passion for Schwartz as a whole is a requirement.

My name is Claire Stirling and I am 3rd year accounting student. I am grateful for the opportunity to run for Schwartz Business Society president and am committed to being a positive influence on the society; broadening its reach, enhancing the student experience and leveraging our diverse alumni connections. 

What I Will Do For the Business Society

  • Represent the society as a hardworking, energetic and dedicated leader with a passion for being involved and leveraging opportunities for growth
  • Respond effectively to student feedback in order to ensure the society is best positioned to create the greatest possible student experience
  • Plan and inform you of all events and initiatives that will add value to the student experience through employability, leadership skills and networking opportunities


  •  2 years of experience on Schwartz Business Society as well as a diverse range of other leadership experiences within and outside of the StFX community
  • Interpersonal skills developed through corporate, institutional and social environments that will be an asset to communicate the societies goals
  • Maturity, enthusiasm and professionalism necessary when reaching out to alumni and corporate connections
  • Team work skills in addition to organization and time management capabilities which will enable me to work effectively and efficiently with the executive team and the Schwartz community to accomplish our goals

My Promise
If elected I promise to be a strong, energetic and dedicated leader. I will leverage my skills and past experiences while working with the executive team in pursuit of the SBS mission to enhance the Schwartz Business experience. 

Vice President Internal Candidates


Riley Landry

Riley Landry is a 2nd year BBA student pursuing an Advanced Major degree in Management and Leadership and a Minor in Political Science. Riley has been an active member in Schwartz since her first year, being a part of various societies and programs. She is currently an active member of the Schwartz Business Society Action Team, and plans to advance her leadership skills to become the new Vice President Internal. Her goal for this year is to increase student participation in Schwartz Business, and to enhance and recreate the Schwartz brand. 

My platform:

  1. Increase student participation and engagement within the Schwartz School of Business.
  2. Support students through gaining valuable feedback to make their Schwartz experience exceptional and valuable.
  3. Enhancing the Schwartz Business brand so that it is more recognizable.

Maya Hockley

Maya Hockley is a 2nd year BBA student pursuing a Major in Finance and a Minor in Economics. She has been an active member within the Schwartz community since her first year of undergraduate study. Since joining the SBS team this year, she has had the opportunity to work as an Action Team Member and Event Coordinator. Maya looks forward to continuing her work within the society, and making every students experience within the business program positive and memorable.

My platform:

  1. Provide the necessary resources to see all students succeed and excel in the business program.
  2. Act as a liaison between the student body and figures of authority within the business program to ensure student wants and needs are met.
  3. Enhance the recognition of the Schwartz brand to increase the prestige and value for students enrolled and graduating with a Schwartz BBA degree.





Vice President External Candidates


Taylor Kennah

Taylor Kennah is a 2nd year business student who already has almost 2 years of experience with the Schwartz Business Society as the first year and second year representative. Outside of SBS she keeps active through the StFX Women’s lacrosse team, intermural sports and pick-up hockey. Highlights for her year so far have been captaining the JDCC Social team and being a proud member of O-Crew. She has proven to be a leader within the university and broader community with an aptitude for delivering high quality written, visual, and verbal communications to a diverse audience in both French and English. She is energetic and ambitious with the motivation and commitment to the completion of goals to the highest standard. If elected she wants to use her skills of communication to broaden the Schwartz Business Society’s network. She believes business students will benefit from building relationships within Schwartz, across the StFX campus, throughout the country and knows that the Schwartz Business Society has the potential to even further help students thrive and achieve their goals.