Schwartz Competes

Schwartz students compete in many different competitions throughout the year in multiple business disciplines.  The following are competitions are that the Schwartz faculty and students have collectively decided to compete in: 



JDC Central is a three day event that showcases academics, athletics, social spirit, and charity. Delegate compete in academic case competitions, parliamentary style debates, sports tournaments and social competitions. The event lets students showcase all aspects of university life from school spirit and dedication, to academic skills and teamwork. The team that performs the best overall takes home the prestigious “School of the Year” title.  JDC Central is Canada’s fastest growing business student competition. In 2016 there were 600 competitors from 12 major business schools, making JDC Central one of the largest competitions around. JDCC boasts the most talented and well rounded students from across Central & Atlantic Canada. 

CFA - Institute Research Challenge

The CFA Institute Research Challenge is an annual, global competition that provides university students with hands-on mentoring and intensive training in financial analysis. Each Research Challenge season leverages the efforts of over 140 CFA member societies, 3,500 member volunteers, and more than 5,000 students from over 1,000 universities. Local competitions (organized by societies) lead up to regional finals; regional champions then convene for the global final.

Canada's Next Top Ad Exec

Canada’s Next Top Ad Exec is the nation’s largest advertising and marketing case competition. It is arguably the richest and most in uential program in the history of Canadian universities. Business undergrads, undergrads completing a business minor, and MBA students across Canada are challenged to create a marketing campaign for an industry leading sponsor. The winning team walks away with the keys to their very own Chevrolet vehicle(s) and the title of Canada’s Next Top Ad Exec. 

Atlantic School of Business Tracks: KPMG Student Case Competition 

ASB is run one of two ways: (1) as a learning environment where all students are present in the room for all presentations. Student feedback suggests this is a great way for the students to see how other teams have approached the same case and which teams ultimately satisfied the judges criteria best; (2) as a staggered start approach where students are provided the case in half-hour intervals, have 3 hours to prepare a presentation and present to the panel of judges. This approach is used when the logistics of the host university do not lend allow the first approach.

Ethics in Action

Ethics in Action is a student-led initiative that exemplifies the importance we place on values-led management at Dalhousie University’s Faculty of Management. Its goal is to equip tomorrow’s business leaders with the tools to make complex decisions while adhering to ethical principles.

Ethics in Action has four components: a case competition for undergraduate and graduate business students, a video/essay contest on ethical leadership, the presentation of the Scotiabank Ethical Leadership Award to a Canadian business leader, and a one day conference that is open to the public.


Atlantic Throwdown Case Competition 

The Atlantic Throwdown is a three-day business case competition hosted by Dalhousie - Rowe School of Business during March. TheAtlantic Throwdown is primarily geared towards younger students. Teams will consist of four students, only one of which can be in fourth year. This is a great opportunity for younger students to build up crucial presentation and case analysis skills. More information will be available throughout the year. 

StFX Winning Team for the 2017 Competition

StFX Winning Team for the 2017 Competition

Atlantic Accounting Case Competition

The Atlantic Accounting Case Competition is an annual accounting competition hosted at Saint Mary's University. The competition requires students to analyze a case they are given on the Friday afternoon and must present their results to a panel of judges the following morning.