Gerald Schwartz School of Business Student Society 2018/19

President & Vice Presidents 

Claire Stirling


Governance, dean relations, CABS communications, and team leadership are key portions of the presidential portfolio.

Taylor Kennah

VP External

The VPE is responsible for affairs between the SBS & external student organizations, governments, corporate partners, alumni, & local businesses.

Maya Hockley

VP Internal

The primary role of the VPI is to be responsible for internal affairs between the sbs executive, constituent societies, the faculty and the students.

Jon Pribaz

VP Finance

The primary role of the VPF is to be responsible for handling all monetary issues affecting the SBS. Including allocation, sponsorship, & expenditures

The primary role of the VPCR is to be responsible for acquiring and managing corporate relationships and sponsorship.

Robert Scott

VP Corporate Relations

The primary role of the VPSL is to create, organize, and manage all social events for the benefit of business administration students.

Jonas Lawrence

VP Student Life

The VPM creates and cultivates conversation between the SBS & BBS students. All promotion, communications, and visual appearance of the SBS are in the portfolio.

Rachel Dickey

VP Marketing

Cameron Chubb

VP Academics

Managing student involvement in case competitions, conferences, and academic matters are key responsibilities for the V.

The primary role of the VPS is to be responsible for alumni and business sponsorship and relationships of the SBS.

Avery Monahan

VP Sponsorship


Gisselle Hyslop

Director of Student Life

Malcom Gruber

Director of Finance

Matt Filgiano

Director of Finance


Cole McIsaac

Director of Academics

Adam Starr

Director of Marketing

Jann Parker

Director of Student Life