Ways To Get Involved

The Schwartz Business Society encourages all business students to get involved in the classroom as well as outside of the classroom. StFX and the Schwartz Business School offers a number of different societies, opportunities to volunteer, and the ability for students to develop their leadership skills. 



Volunteering can give you a feel for different opportunities or allow you to get involved in StFX's philanthropic initiatives. You can volunteer at a conference or competition, join one of the Community Activities, or join local, national, and international initiatives. In addition, volunteering is a great way to prove to our executive team that you have an interest in the SBS if you decide to apply in the future.



There is a plethora of events at StFX — whether it’s a conference, competition, social, or networking event. Conferences will enable you to learn more about a certain topic — sports, fashion, or international business to name a few. Keep an eye on the Daily Schwartz Blog or on our Facebook page to stay up-to-date with events happening around StFX.





There is quite a few societies that represent different opportunities for Schwartz business students at StFX to get involved. 


There will be multiple times throughout the year to apply for executive positions, starting with Frosh Hiring. There will be many opportunities for students to get involved on different committees as well.  Our executive team is hired at the end of March.




Every year the Schwartz Business Society holds an election for the President, Vice President External, and Vice President Internal where all full time business students are eligible to vote. The elected positions will be voted upon in the late January or early February - the exact timing is determined by the Executive Council of the Schwartz Business Society. 



Although StFX offers a wide range of clubs, committees, and conferences, you always have the opportunity to create a new initiative within the Schwartz Business Society and/or The U. To find out more information on how to create a new society, please contact the Society Coordinator, Tiffany MacLennan (su_soc@stfx.ca) or contact Ryan Finn (schwartzbusinesssociety@gmail.com