Schwartz Legacy Program

Schwartz Legacy Mentorship Program

The Schwartz Legacy Program (SLP) aims to connect the incoming class of Schwartz students with graduating student mentors. The goal of the program is to allow Frosh to tap into the 4th year students’ experience, advice, and friendship. Academic tips, navigating the student-professor relationship, study habits, social events, and general student-to-student support are just some of the ways that the SLP benefits first year students. 

Some mentor-mentee activities include grabbing a coffee at Tall & Small, studying at the lib together, having a beer at the Inn (if you’re of age), going for a walk to the Landing, hitting the gym or a yoga class together, swiping your mentor into meal hall for lunch, reading your mentee’s project to share insights, etc etc etc. Anything you want to do to share information and form bonds is fine by us!

Mentors can be 3rd or 4th year students. Please note the SLP is only for Schwartz business students. Contact Cam Chubb at if you have any questions!

Get Involved

Mentors: Applications for 3rd and 4th year students open in the summer. The online application captures some information about program and interests in order to best match 1st and 4th year students. 

Mentees: Applications for the class of 2022 open in the summer and close after the first week of classes. The mentee application aims to try and gather information about the applicant’s interests and plans for their time at X.  Every mentee who applies will get a mentor! The application is just to ensure that we can make the best mentor-mentee connections.

Get Paired

The VP and Director of Academics are in charge of pairing mentors and mentees. We use a number of insights to ensure we can make the best pairings possible. Mentor profiles will be shared with mentees who can CONFIDENTIALLY vote on their top 3 choices of mentor - this is an optional step that can help us with our pairing process. 


We ask both mentors and mentees to tell us what kind of commitment they want. There is NO JUDGEMENT here. We just want to make sure we pair up the right people.