The Schwartz Business Society (SBS) aims to help students fulfill their academic potential. To this end, the SBS is pleased to maintain a roster of tutors for first and second-year business courses. Working with a student who has already completed the course provides an opportunity to review concepts, practice problems, and prepare for examinations.  

SBS has two tutor reps that solicit and maintain the SBS tutor roster for courses with a high demand. The tutors on our list have attained a final grade of at least 80% in the courses for which they are listed as tutors, as verified by the Chair of the respective department .  Payment is handled directly between the tutor and the tutee. The Schwartz Business School and the Schwartz Business Society are not liable for the quality of the service provided and any abuses of the service will result in a ban from future participation. 


If you are a second, third, or fourth year student interested in being a tutor, please email schwartzbusiness.academics@gmail.com with your name, year, and courses you are interested in tutoring.

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